Colbie Caillat “I Do” [VIDEO]
Colbie Caillat debuted the video for her latest single "I Do" on and in the video,  Colbie's walking around in her loft singing about her boyfriend and then there's lots of random shots of random things in her apartment.  After watching it let me know w…
Lady Gaga Duet Duet With Little Monster [VIDEO]
By now we all have seen Maria Aragon's powerful performance of "Born This Way" viral video -- either her original performance from home or her performance on Ellen DeGenerias.  Thursday, Lady Gaga and Maria performed together in Toronto's.  We have the video of …
Wanna Sing Like Katy Perry or Bruno Mars [VIDEO]
The power of computers! This shows how with some software and a mic you to can produce a song like Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" or Bruno Mars "Love You Just The Way You Are."  Props go to Johnny for finding this video.  Who is going to be the next …
Gaga ‘Born This Way”
Gaga's much anticipated '"Born This Way" video is out today. Watch it after the jump, and sound off - post a comment and let us know what you think.
Kid Falls Onto Subway Tracks While Playing Video Game
A 10-year-old walking on a subway platform in Milan, Italy while playing his handheld PSP became so engrossed in his game that he wandered right onto the train tracks.
The youngster took quite a tumble, but Alessandro Micalizz, an off-duty cop, immediately jumped down onto the track and pulled the bo…
Behind The Scenes – Making Of A Music Video
Avril Lavigne has given us a unique look into the making of her latest music video for "What The Hell".  It took 3 days to make it and will be produced in 2D and 3D and released soon!  Check out the making of the video for yourself!
Pink’s Controversial New Video
Pink has been known to write and sing some controversial lyrics for her songs and videos for those songs often follow suit.  That is no different for Pink's latest effort "Perfect".  This song is from her latest album "Greatest Hits So Far", the vid…
American Idol 2011 Contestant [VIDEO]
Did you watch American Idol last night?  This YouTube is a segment from the show.  This young man touches your heart - can't help but want him to succeed.
I had a great night watching the contestants perform.  I thought it was great to not have Simon being such a "meanie.…

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