11 Best ‘Inception’ Parodies [VIDEOS]
The Internet over floweth with parodies of hit films. But nothing has inspired web video amateurs quite like last year's high-concept smash "Inception." In fact, if you can think of a word with the suffix "-tion," there's probably an "Incep…
7 Adorable Puppies Chasing Ice Cubes [VIDEOS]
Move aside, cats on Roombas: puppies chasing ice cubes might be our favorite new category of animal videos. When these pups mistake slippery ice for skittering critters, a showdown (and a whole lotta adorable) ensues.
Check out these clips of dogs facing off against ice cubes:
Funniest Videos Ever Seen
Need to laugh -- can't help but at the very least smile when you watch these clips of people's pain. OUCH -- the kung foo guy trying to catch that big poll. But my favorite is the dad who is helping his kid at the water park and ends up taking a header...