Man Has Revenge on Snow Shovel Thief [VIDEO]
In snowy Chicago, David Wells had his snow shovel stolen from the front of his house. The thief was a woman who used the shovel to clear a space for her car, and then didn’t return it.
So, to get revenge, Wells used a gas-powered snow blower to bury the woman’s car in snow. Ultimately, it t…
Zip Lining Over Alligators, Would You?
I'd personally say NO, but to each his own!  There is a new tourist attraction in Florida that is planning to let visitors ride a zip line over alligators and crocodiles.  It's planned to open next month at the Alligator Farm in St. Augustine, FL.
Bizarre Airline Passenger Requests
I don't think I could ever be a flight attendant because I think I'd run people over with that heavy drink cart!  I applaud the flight attendants who can do it without running people over.  The reason for this comment is that Virgin Atlantic has revealed some bizarre requests fro…
Incredible Blizzard Time Lapse
The blizzard that has paralyzed the northeast and eastern part of the U.S. has produced some beautiful pictures and amazing sights!  Check out this time lapse video of the blizzard courtesy of Michael Black and Richard Blakeley at