Thanksgiving Doesn’t Always Mean a Day Off
What's your family tradition on Thanksgiving Day?
For many of us, Thanksgiving means getting up early to put the turkey in, smelling the aroma of baking turkey and coffee-brewing while watching parades all morning, then expecting family to arrive promptly at 11am. The rest of the day is all about …
How Much Coffee Do You Drink?
Coffee is part of life for many of us.
Before making the big decision about whether or not to become pregnant, I asked my doctor if I could still consume my daily 2.5 cups of coffee during pregnancy. It's a must. If I have a sip less than that, I can feel it. And I knew I may not survive pregnan…
How Many Americans Work More Than 40 Hours Per Week?
The eight-hour workday is fairly standard in the United States, and June 19 marks the 100th anniversary of it becoming law for federal workers back in 1912.
Private companies began to follow suit four years later, but these days, working only eight hours a day sometimes seems downright quaint.