Wrapping the Best Christmas Presents
As everyone you know is rushing around buying Christmas presents and worrying about getting them wrapped on time, you can refer to this list of helpful hints and be worry free this holiday season!
The 5 Best Santa Clauses on Film
Santa Claus, who without a doubt really does exist, doesn’t have time to make a personal appearance in every Hollywood movie about Christmas ever made. Instead, he relies on a number of talented actors to portray him on the silver screen.
Our 2013 Original Snow Village [PHOTOS]
At Christmas my boyfriend and assemble his Original Snow Village collection in the living room of his house. His collection began when he was a child and would create a village each Holiday season with his family, and now it's a tradition that we started together last year and has continued to …
5 Fun and Unusual Ways to Decorate Your Christmas Tree
Globes and angels and stars are fine, but for the folks who like to be a little more imaginative with their Christmas-tree decorations—whether from boredom or budget—we’ve come up with a list of five unusual ways to help get the creative wheels in your noggin spinning:
East Texas Christmas Parades Rescheduled Due To Weather
Winter isn't expected to arrive until a few more weeks, but thanks to the nationwide record setting cold front that moved through East Texas last Thursday night, many local Christmas parades have been rescheduled because of the extreme cold weather that moved into East Texas.
Favorite Christmas Traditions
Families all over the world have Christmas traditions that they look forward to each year - whether it be gift exchanging, decorating the Christmas tree, caroling or anything else, it wouldn't be Christmas without it.

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