Best Cat Video Ever Made — Patty Cake Cats [VIDEO]
Sure, there are lots of videos of cats on the internet. Some are cute, some are sad (thanks a lot Sarah Mclachlan), and some are funny. With an overwhelming amount of these clips on YouTube and Facebook, you might be getting tired of them. If they are all starting to run together and get boring to y…
‘Brother and Sister Dental Odyssey’ – Best Video Ever
Why is it that other peoples embarrassment always seems to give us the best laugh? YouTube has supplied us with more videos than we can count of people doing embarrassing things that make us feel better about ourselves. It seems that a lot of these videos are of people who have recently had some kin…
Reporter Makes Baby Cry on Live Television [VIDEO]
News reporters are known for making bloopers on air that end up going viral online. These videos are typically ones that make us laugh at something dumb they did. But, a reporter up in Colorado didn't do anything funny, in fact he made a little boy cry.
Tyler ISD Worries About Too Much YouTube Access
Tyler Independent School District opened up access to YouTube last week, with the intention students will be able to learn from the site. There's information there on preparing for standardized testing, along with other tools teachers might find helpful.
Dreaming of a White Christmas? YouTube Lets It Snow!
If you haven’t been on YouTube recently, you may not have seen the site’s contribution to the holidays: snow!
Not only does the white stuff fall on search pages, but many videos have a little red snowflake on the right-hand side of the bottom bar.

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