Dreaming of a White Christmas? YouTube Lets It Snow!
If you haven’t been on YouTube recently, you may not have seen the site’s contribution to the holidays: snow!
Not only does the white stuff fall on search pages, but many videos have a little red snowflake on the right-hand side of the bottom bar.
Get Your Taylor Swift Questions Answered Personally [VIDEO]
If you've ever wanted to ask Taylor Swift a question but not able to gain access to her or have her cell to call to get the answer, well, submit your question to and she could answer it as part of YouTube's new feature called YouTube Presents.  But you have until the end of t…
The Dangers Of Planking
Planking isn't some new trend. It has been around the internet like a antibiotic resistant STD for the past two years.
Freaky iPhone Video Captures Weirdest Guitar String Movements Ever
This clip, recorded from the inside of an acoustic guitar captures the instrument’s strings wildly oscillating in a way that’s different from what you would see if you were watching the videographer strum his six-string live — instead of a subtle vibrating, the strings move in exaggerated waves, lik…
Hitler Reacts to Miami Heat’s NBA Championship Loss [VIDEO]

The latest edition of the Hitler 'Downfall' Internet meme has the Fuhrer furiously bemoaning the demise of the Miami Heat and its star, LeBron James, who lost the 2011 NBA Championship to the Dallas Mavericks Sunday night.
Hitler blasts LeBron as "the biggest choke artist since David Carradine&q…

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