Dancing Man at Bus Stop Becomes Internet Sensation [VIDEO]
Last Friday, Reddit user JackMomma shared a video of a twentysomething man dancing at a bus stop. According to his post, his wife shot the video and uploaded it to YouTube after she noticed the man would dance the same dance at the same bus stop every single day.
Listen to the new Coldplay
It's not really a video, but Youtube has the new Coldplay song up.
What do you think?  Over 2 million views, thousands of Likes, and a few Dislikes.
Let us know!
Coldplay website
Author Points Out 50 State Stereotypes in Two Minutes [VIDEO]
Every state has its good points and its bad ones, right? Well, author Paul Jury playfully points out the bad ones in a promo video he calls '50 State Stereotypes in Two Minutes.'
Jury, who just wrote a book called 'States of Confusion: My 19,000-Mile Detour to Find Direction,' squ…
Drunk Man Mistakes Cigarettes for Cell Phone [VIDEO]

Cell phones can do many things these days, but you'd be hard-pressed to find one that also satisfies your nicotine craving.
Britain's Sun newspaper reports a drunk driver in Russia pulled over by police tried to make a call with a pack of cigarettes he thought was a cell phone.
Cops pulled over the wo…
Who Influenced Christina Perri? [VIDEO][AUDIO]
Christina Perri has a hit single with her song “Jar of Hearts,” which comes from her new album, Lovestrong, which just about a month away from being released.  The pop star told VH1 about a few of her influences.  More after the jump.
Not Everyone Loves “Friday”.
Media outlets are calling the viral video hit the "worst music video ever". Four weeks ago, no one had heard of 13 year old Rebecca Black. Now she is a web sensation.  You haven't seen or heard of the video "Friday"? Well, here it is.
Kid Falls Onto Subway Tracks While Playing Video Game
A 10-year-old walking on a subway platform in Milan, Italy while playing his handheld PSP became so engrossed in his game that he wandered right onto the train tracks.
The youngster took quite a tumble, but Alessandro Micalizz, an off-duty cop, immediately jumped down onto the track and pulled the bo…

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