November is notorious for the best football games of the season, but when you're too far away to go to the game how do you tailgate? We've got all the ideas you need right here.

As a college student in the SEC, football consumes everyone's life in the fall - especially in November when we're all playing our big games. But when we play away games that are just a little too far to road trip to, we have to make the best of the situation here at home.

How do we do it? I'll take it step by step:

  • We stock up on all the right snacks and grilling foods - burgers, hot dogs, chips, dip, desserts and drinks.
  • Set up the perfect atmosphere - decorations, surround sound, big TV and lots of seating.
  • Best fans around - grab all your best friends and tell them when to be at your house for the game (and that really means in time for all of the pregame activities).
  • Cheer just like you would if you were at the game - yell, scream, get angry at the refs and all the traditional cheers for your school. And trash talk, you can't forget to do that - especially if you have friends cheering on the opposing team.

All of this may seem obvious, but I promise it will make for the best away game tailgate ever.