Today's a pretty big day for Taylor Swift because she kicks off her RED tour tonight in Omaha, NE and she debuted the video for her latest song called '22'. Plus, it's March 13th, which is a lucky day for her because her favorite number is 13! Taylor teamed up with ABC's Good Morning America to debut her latest video.

Taylor introduces the video backstage from her RED tour in Omaha for GMA and has stated she had a lot of fun making this video because the friends that are portrayed in the video are her real life best friends.

The video opens with Taylor and her friends taking part in some kind of celebration party with cake and champagne glasses, then they are all cheerleaders and end up heading to the beach. The video was actually shot with her friends on a Malibu beach last month. The crew then ends up getting ready for a big night out on the town and end up at a house party where Taylor jumps into a pool at the end of the video fully clothed!

Check out the video below.