Tonight during a webcast on her YouTube channel, Taylor Swift announced that her new album, Red, would be released to retailers October 22nd.  While talking with her fans and answering their questions tonight, she treated them to the albums' first single right before the webchat ended.  The new song that debuted tonight is called "We Are Never Getting Back Together".

As with pretty much all of Taylor's songs, this one too, is about an ex-boyfriend, but she didn't reveal which of her exes it was written for.  I am sure over the coming days, many people will try to figure it out.  In the mean time though, you can guess and purchase the upbeat song through Google Play or iTunes.

As for the rest of the album, it will contain 16 songs that she chose from a pool of about 35.  She had help writing some of the songs on the album from people like British pop star Ed Sheeran and was recently featured on a B.o.B. track too!

If you missed the webcast you can see it here!