When it comes to forging new relationships with the opposite sex, we all have a list of requirements (or a checklist) that this potential mate must have. Thanks to a leaky source, the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show ran across a list of super picky demands from Taylor Swift that a potential date/mate must have. On her checklist are:

1. Career on the same level as hers
2. Has to be leading man hot
3. Speaks 2 languages
4. At least 1 sister (this will make him a better boyfriend)
5. Good relationship with family, especially mom (but not a mama’s boy)

Those are the top five from her list of others, which can be found here.

This got the cast of the show thinking about their dating checklist and here's how it went:


List years ago:
Over 6 foot
No smoking
Has more money

List now days:
Not an atheist
Not a liberal



Be able to type
Live within 10 minutes or be willing to relocate
Not afraid to take a tequila shot in the morning
Decent credit (just in case he needs her to co-sign something)


J-SI (Before Kinsey)

No smoking
Must like kids
No cats
Blonde hair
No wallflowers



He likes me back

Nice genes and jeans
Must have a career (not just a job)
Able to keep up with conversation
Like animals

What are some of the things on your checklist for a mate? Let us know by leaving in them in the comment section below!