Are you sure you know how to pronounce Alto?  East Texans are all over it.  It's AL-toe of course.  Have you heard outsiders get it wrong?  It's not ALL-toe.

What about the Texas town of Mexia? Yes, Muh-Hay-Yuh. That's an embarassing one to miss! Pronouncing the X makes you look silly.

Ever heard someone from the north go to the flea market in what they say is CAN-Ton? Don't pronounce the "T" so much peeps.  In Texas, we say KANT-n. Y'all!

We found a list of Texas pronunciations that will entertain you at work today, and if you'd like to quiz your friends, you'll have all the answers.

The Texas Almanac list helps us all become schooled on our favorite Texas towns and it makes us realize how many cities and towns there actually are here.

Fluvanna is a new favorite!  That's floo-VON-uh.

Now we know!