From great food joints, to fun outdoor activities, to some interesting traffic, there is a lot to offer folks in Tyler and East Texas. Over the past several months, our staff has compiled some of the best lists about Tyler and East Texas. Find them all right here.

  • Food Staples of Tyler and Longview

    East Texas is blessed to have some of the best family owned restaurants. Most of these family run restaurants have been around for decades. It's refreshing to eat at a place that is lovingly built from families who care about serving the customer.

    Eric M. Martic/Flickr
  • Historical Landmarks in East Texas

    East Texas is rich with history. From the oil fields in Kilgore, to the beautiful roses that fill the Tyler Rose Garden. East Texans are proud of their heritage and it shows! It was difficult to choose from so many historical landmarks, so these are just a few of the highlights. Enjoy!

    City of Tyler
  • Best Outdoor Activities in East Texas

    To help get a little zest for life we thought you would enjoy knowing our top five outdoor activities. East Texas is a vast area filled to the brim with breathtaking beauty. We know how Texans love to live large — so we have your next ultimate adventure.

    Lake Fork Marina/Flickr
  • Best Wineries in the Tyler-Longview Area

    East Texas is overflowing with fantastic soil and conditions perfect for growing grapes for wine. We are lucky enough to have a several wineries to visit. We compiled a list of places you may want to visit the next time you are up for an adventure.

    Oni Wahid/Flickr
  • Best Dog-Friendly Parks in Tyler and Longview

    The greater Tyler and Longview area only has one true dog park, but that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of places to hang out and play with your four-legged best friend(s)!

    City Of Tyler
  • Best Family Friendly Recreational Areas

    Through the generosity of many private citizens and business we are fortunate enough to have several parks and recreation areas to stop and unplug for a while.

  • East Texas' Most Memorable Car Spokespeople

    They're on the air doing their best to sell us a car each and every day. We hear from them a lot near the end of the month, I'm talking about car dealer pitch men/women. Some are plain, some are loud and some are very creative at getting our attention. Here are our favorites in East Texas

  • Best Bathrooms in East Texas — Pay Attention!

    This list is designed to help you in knowing where the best place to “go” is. If you happen to be at one of these establishments when mother nature calls, you can rest assured you will have a pleasant “experience.” No need to hold it when you have nice bathrooms like these!

  • Best ‘Hole in the Wall’ Joints In East Texas

    Every town has its restaurants that make it famous. Between all the chain restaurants lie family owned staples of our neck of the woods that we couldn't live without. Not only is the food incredible, you're helping out local owners in our community. Check out this list of local gems.