Thanksgiving is coming up next week and this special holiday is different for every family.  For some families and people it's a day of relaxation and for others it's hectic and non-stop from the minute they wake up.  Which ever your family tradition is, I'm sure you'll have some good quality time with them next week.

For me, I look forward to time off and spending it with family.  This year my family and I will be heading to my grandfather's home to have turkey and dressing, made using my grandmother's recipe (that my mom has perfected) and once dinner is done I'll have some of my grandfather's delicious pecan pies!  Then we'll all catch up with what's been happening over the last year while the kids play in the park next door and we watch football.

Oh, if you're in charge of preparing the turkey for your family's get together, just make sure that bird has time to completely thaw out!  Nothing's worse than going to cook the turkey and it's still frozen!  Happy Thanksgiving!