Learning about the passing of The Brady Bunch's Alice, played by Ann B. Davis, yesterday was rather sad and made me realize as I get older, all of the shows that I grew up watching are aging just like I am! Some stars of these shows are quite a bit older than I am, so hearing about their passing, naturally, nostalgia sets in and I, and probably you too, start reliving some great memories of these shows.

Now The Brady Bunch is probably one of the shows that will live on through eternity because of the nature of the show - the blending of two families, kids going through adjusting to life as teenagers, rivalry between siblings, experiencing first loves, being responsible as well as learning about their characters and self-image. It was such a wholesome show and one of the last shows of its kind. During the five years it was on television, the show had five different versions of the theme song, which I didn't realize. I found the following video that has all of the intros back to back.

What was your favorite The Brady Bunch episode? Let me know by leaving me your comment in the section below.