When it comes to purses, handbags, clutches, and just bags there is a wide variety and selection and prices too!  When starting the Mix Boutique I was introduced to a whole new world that I knew nothing about and with the help of my wife and the other ladies in the office I kind of understand that these things you carry with you are very important - not only in style but functionality too! Some women prefer the very small wallet-like purse while others want to carry what seems to be a small suitcase on their shoulder!  The name that appears on the purse makes a big difference and what I found out too is what's inside the purse that makes it or breaks it too.  When I was in the store picking out some of these purses I found out that some women want dividers inside it, there has to be special hidden pocket, a pouch that will hold your cell phone or sunglasses while others just wanted the open feel where you just dig for what's inside!  What ever type you are the Mix Boutique has you covered!

Mix 93-1 has been giving away designer handbags for the past few weeks and we've given away some rather interesting and cool handbags that weren't that cheap either!  The Mix Boutique will continue to give away more handbags until the stock in the store is depleted.  Until then check out the selection on the Mix 93-1 Facebook page and get ready to win weekdays at 10:20a, 12:20n, 2:20p & 4:20p.

Here are some of the winners with their designer handbags that have been won from the Mix Boutique so far.  Good luck on winning yours soon!