Just a couple of days after American Idol issued a statement on their judging line up for its next season, it appears as if there's going to be a change in the vocal coaches on The Voice.  The show's current season debuted last week, but according to published reports, Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green will be leaving the show when the current season ends.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, NBC has lined up replacements for Christina and Cee Lo and Usher and Shakira will be stepping in and filling their roles on the show.  Adam Levine and Blake Shelton will remain on as original vocal coaches.  Christina has decided to leave the show to focus more on her music and upcoming tour next year that will be supporting her new album that will be available in November.  Cee Lo is leaving for a similar reason, to focus on his solo career, a new album with his group Goodie Mob along with tv and movie appearances.

Cee Lo says, "It’s great to also give a host of other talent the chance to experience what a joy it is to be part of what is truly THE BEST SHOW of them all, THE VOICE! I will return for season five and will be watching season four. NBC is home and as far as Usher and Shakira are concerned – ‘mi casa su casa.’” (Hollywood Reporter)

So Cee Lo and Christina fans won't have much to worry about because they both are saying they'll be back for season five.