Spring storm season is quickly approaching and with that there comes the chance of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes for East Texas.  Today at 11a, the City of Tyler along with the University Of Texas At Tyler will be testing the outdoor warning system.

The outdoor warning system is designed to keep the citizens of Tyler informed in the event of approaching bad weather or other civil emergencies.  Today's test will start with an activation message followed by 30 seconds of an alternate steady tone, then a pulsed tone and then by Westminster Chimes can concluded with the following announcement:

Attention: This is a test of the City of Tyler outdoor early warning system.  This is only a test.  If this were an actual emergency, you should tune to your local radio station.  This is only a test.” (City Of Tyler Police Deparment press release)

In the event of issued weather watches or warning at test time, the test will be postponed.  Should you have any questions about the test or tones and what they signify, you should contact Sgt. Tommy Lewis of the Tyler Police Department at 903.531.1030.