Happy Halloween! You can't let this holiday pass without a little thrill, right? So I've dug up some spook-tacular remakes and re-imaginings of Michael Jackson's iconic Thriller video. From light shows, to ogres, legos and more. You've got to see them to believe them.

Michael Jackson's Thriller video was so incredible that it has inspired many remakes in all shapes and forms.

Like this creative animated version utilizing animals in place of humans as the characters:


This family decorated their house for Halloween and created a light show set to MJ's Halloween classic:


Even our favorite friendly ogre Shrek gets in the spirit with a little help from Donkey:


Someone had a lot of time on their hands to create this Lego Thriller:


Check out this updated version with new choreography and costumes in this awesome remake of Thriller:


It's just not Halloween without a Scaredy-Cat ... wait for it...


And the one that inspired them all - the original - Michael Jackson's Thriller: