Tiffany, everyone's favorite 80's pop star, famous for performing at malls across America belting out her powerfully cute pop songs is back on her old stomping grounds. She performed on the grounds of a suburban mall's food court in the Dallas area!

You might have missed this pop princess perform, but isn't this just great to know a blast from our past is back in her element?

Vista Ridge Mall, Facebook

Vista Ridge Mall is hosted Tiffany for an extra special performance in Dallas area city, Lewisville. Between a Clinique kiosk and the escalators, this 80's lady performed like she hasn't done in almost 30 years. Remember when?

She belted that long time favorite, "I Think We're Alone Now," among plenty of other classics. With a crowd of around 200, Tiffany must have felt right at home.

Oh, this brings back some memories huh?