The search began with a handful of audition locations and thousands of people wanting to become the next American Idol.

Well, last night Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler completed the very hard task of narrowing the field down to 24.

See the list of the top 24 after the jump.

American Idol returns next week with shows on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday!  Hope you can get your Idol fix sometime next week.

The guys perform on Tuesday, the girls on Wednesday and the results are Thursday.  Here are the top 24:

Kara Rodriguez
Robbie Rosen
Tatynisa Wilson
Tim Halperin
Julie Zorilla
Scotty McCreery
Jovany Baretto
Lauren Turner
Rachel Zevita
Kendra Chantelle
Jordan Dorsey
Lauren Alaina
Stefano Langone
Jacob Lusk
Pia Toscano
James Durbin
Casey Abrams
Thia Megia
Brett Loewenstern
Naima Adedapo
Clint Jun Gamboa
Hailey Reinhart
Paul McDonald
Ashton Jones

Who is the front runner for you in the competion for you right now?