I don't often complain about much, but today I'm climbing up on my soap box. People, please bag your trash. I live in a quaint suburban neighborhood in Lindale with nice neighbors, where the kids all play together and everyone gets along... but some of them don't bag their trash, and it makes the whole neighborhood look trashy.

I work really hard to keep my yard up. Does it have weeds? absolutely. Do I fight moles and gophers? Yes, just like everyone else on the block, but when I drive home in the evening and see trash scattered all over my yard it really grinds my gears.

During the months of March, April and May all across the country Keep America Beautiful
Affiliates and participating organizations gather volunteers and clean up their cities. Combine that with the Don't Mess with Texas Trash Off, and an estimated 3.8 million volunteers will help clean up their cities and their states.

Why not start at home? Help keep your own neighborhood clean by bagging your trash and containing it in a can with a lid. Am I the only person that this annoys? So, I want to know - do you bag your trash, or just dump it in the can?