Studies show that "Reality TV" viewers are more likely than any other TV watchers to post somewhere online, while watching TV.

Are you Tweeting while you're watching?
A survey commissioned by interclick, an online marketing consultant firm, says

35 percent of traditional TV viewing time is also spent online with computers, mobile devices or tablets.

Could you imagine that 10 years ago?  Most of us just watched TV without the aid of any other devices back then.  How boring.  Fans of Real Housewives, The Amazing Race and other reality shows are most likely to be engaged online simultaneously while watching.

Social Media Percentages:

  • 17 % of users/views are posting reactions to the program
  • 17% of users/viewers are connecting with friends watching the same show
  • 15% of users/viewers are catching up on episodes missed
  • 10% of users/viewers are researching a show’s content

Lots of new shows coming up next week --

Two and a Half Men

Dancing with the Stars

X Factor

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