Twitter became inundated with messages like this one yesterday following the news of possible *NSYNC reunion during Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards, where Justin Timberlake will be awarded the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.


Then messages like this began showing up:

  And today these:


It's "Tearin' Up My Heart" that kids today don't know who *NSYNC is. They were my everything in high school. My friends and I were so excited to go buy their second album "No Strings Attached" the instant that it came it out. Three of us loaded up in my 1984 blue Chevrolet pickup and drove into Longview to get it at Sam Goody.

The truck's radio was only an AM player, so I loaded a karaoke machine into it and put it in the floor board with a CD player hooked in via an external connection. I was desperate to hear the other cuts, so I got creative.

We each bought our copy and jammed it loud all the way back to White Oak. It was such a thrill to get the new CD. We drove around town until we listened to the entire CD, and then started trying to memorize all of the words to all of the songs.

Later we found out that we had been a part of something really special, 2.4 million copies of the album sold in one week. That incredible sales record still stands today, and with the change in the music industry's sales model is likely to be there for awhile.

When their third album, Celebrity, released I was at Wal-Mart checking out at midnight. I wanted to be the first person in town to buy the album. My friends thought that I was a little crazy, but they supported me just the same.

We were all dedicated *NSYNC fans. MTV's TRL was always putting battles together between the fan bases of *NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys. I liked both bands, but I was a bigger fan of *NSYNC.

Now we're hearing that Lance Bass has shot down the rumors, and that there will not be a reunion. My fingers are still crossed. Don't let us down, Lance.