Cyclists have every right to share streets and highways with cars.  BUT new trails in Tyler will give them a place to ride that might be safer than next to all those crazy drivers who don't particularly want to share the road with them.

Where will the new trails be?

The City of Tyler has given the green light to extending the bicycle routes on McDonald Road, Donnybrook Avenue and Old Omen Road.  There are short lanes already in some of those spots, and the expansion will extend the existing trails and connect them with others in some cases.  And more trails could be added from there.  Engineers are going to study other spots across Tyler to find out where the best opportunities are for bicyclists.

Hmm....those who ride bikes are saving gas money and enjoying the Tyler scenery, and now they have new and expanded places to ride.  Maybe they're onto something!  Did we mention the gas money saved?  See the earlier blog spot this week about Tyler gas prices.  A bike sounds like a super idea.

As the bike trails are expanded, watch for new signs and reflectors to start popping up on and near the trails.  Those will be added over the next few weeks.  While we're bike-shopping.