Over the next couple of days the kids will get piles and piles of candy, so much in fact that they could never possibly eat it all. Some dentists in Tyler hope they don't!

If kids are willing to exchange the candy they rake in trick-or-treating, they can have a toy, thanks to Kool Smiles.

Kool Smiles says in a statement that kids can trade some of their candy for a fun toy. And the candy doesn't go to waste. Kool Smiles plans to put the candy in care boxes and it will go to U.S. Troops overseas as part of Operation Gratitude.

Tyler Kool Smiles has offices at 3864 Texas Highway 64 West and 1932 E SE Loop 323. Kids can take their candy stash to the office between Thursday and Saturday during office hours to exchange it for a toy.

I have no problem admitting my kids still have leftover candy from Halloween last year. And they've collected half a pumpkin's worth at trick-or-treating events so far this year, and Halloween hasn't even happened yet. I don't think Kool Smiles is prepared for an SUV's worth of candy, but it is all for the troops so they may appreciate extra donations.

Happy Halloween!