The Iron Man race is a race that challenges even the fit of the fit. Tyler Police officer Lt. Rusty Jacks was up to an Iron Man challenge a couple of weeks ago and completed it. I tip my hat to him because the Iron Man competition includes swimming, biking and running!

Lt. Rusty Jacks was among the 2200 athletes competing in the Memorial Herman Iron Man Texas race on May 19 in The Woodlands. Lt. Jacks completed the 2.4-mile swim in Lake Woodlands, a 112-mile bike ride in the Sam Houston National Forest and a 26.2-mile run in 14 hours and 49 minutes.

Lt. Jacks commands Tyler PD's SWAT Team and is in charge of the evening shift and chose to do the ironman race "as a personal challenge and because most people hear the distances and say to themselves -- that’s impossible," he said in a news release.

I would probably say that, too! After hearing what Jacks has done, I am very impressed and proud the he accomplished what he set out to do and glad to know he's protecting our city too!

Tyler Police Chief Gary Swindle said:

We are very proud of Lt. Jacks. Fitness is an important aspect of being a police officer and we encourage our officers to stay active. However, this accomplishment is certainly above and beyond.”