Tyler is preparing for the excitement and pageantry of the Texas Rose Festival and getting ready for the many visitors that will be coming to the Rose capital of Texas the weekend of October 18th - 21st.  Visitors to Tyler that weekend will be treated to the Texas Rose Festival Show, Texas Rose Festival Coronation, Texas Rose Festival Queen's Tea and the Texas Rose Festival Parade!  For the 3rd year in a row, the roses will be honored all month long with the Rose Season.

Rose Season was created as a way to offer visitors to the city a way to see what makes Tyler a very unique city.  Throughout October, both residents and visitors can attend wine tasting events, a renaissance festival, cooking classes, nature tours, take in concerts, participate in disk golf tournaments, a marathon and many more activities.  Check out the complete list of activities during Rose Season online at tylerroseseason.com.

Check out the calendar of events for the Texas Rose Festival.