What does 15-year-old Jordan Edwards have in common with Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice, and Michael Brown?  They were all killed by police or while in police custody.  According to the website www.killedbypolice.net Mr. Jordan Edwards was the 385th person in the year 2017 that has been killed by police or in police custody and honestly, I am disturbed by this number.

Jordan Edwards was shot and killed by police in a Dallas suburb when he was shot in the head with a rifle reported the Dallas News.  Police Chief John Haber said in a statement:

On behalf of the entire Balch Springs Police Department and the city of Balch Springs we express our sincere condolences with the family. I have reached out and personally met and spoken with the parents and expressed my condolences as well.

And the add insult to injury the medical examiners office ruled his death a homicide.

After retracting their first statement, Haber said that he initially 'misspoke'. In The Washington Post he said:

I unintentionally (was) incorrect when I said the vehicle was backing down the road … in fact I can tell you that I do have questions in relation to my observation (of) the video,” Haber said. “After reviewing the video, I don’t believe that (the shooting) met our core values.

May God bless the family of Jordan Edwards..... #BlackLivesMatter