Yesterday 51 finalists lined up at the tee box of hole 11 at Hollytree Country Club in Tyler to take their shot at $1,000,000 with the UT Tyler Patriot Suddenlink Million Dollar Hole in One.

When the finals began at 4 p.m. Hole in One Chairman Aaron Uncapher welcomed the finalists and guests and introduced Dr. Mabry who thanked the volunteers who organized the event each year, and the generous donations made by local sponsors.

Three holes were cut in the green. The middle pin was worth $1,000,000, the pin to the left worth a Cadillac SRX from Wagner Cadillac in Tyler, and the pin to the right worth $25,000 from KLTV Channel 7.

Many finalists made it onto the green. Jeff Reeves of Tyler led the pack with the closest distance at 11 feet 4 inches for some time, Michelle Goforth of Bullard took the lead away with 7 feet 5 inches just a few swings later.

UT Tyler Patriots

Finally J.P. McClintock of Bullard bested her distance with 6 feet 11 inches, and won first prize. Following McClintock's drive, we did see one breathtaking shot from Brent Taylor of Tyler that came inches from landing in the Wagner Cadillac pin.

The UT Tyler Patriots finished the week with 21,104 shots taken on site during qualifying.

Thank you for supporting our efforts in raising scholarship funds for students at the University of Texas at Tyler.