The Southern Regional Model United Nations Conference in Atlanta turned out to be a great thing for UT Tyler students.

The UT Tyler delegation earned top honors at the Model United Nations Conference in their representation of France. They were given the “Outstanding Position Papers” award for the best preparation and research, according to a university news release.

Congrats guys! Alisa Cerney, of China Spring, Darby Capps, of Kilgore, Bradley Pennington, of Arlington, Joanie Brown, of Conrad, Montana, and Steven Franks, of Tyler were all honored.

Extra special congrats to Tyler's Steven Franks, who was recognized as the “Outstanding Delegate” in the International Atomic Energy, for his leadership and collaboration efforts in the committee, according to the news release.

Over 700 students from more than 45 schools across the country came together at the 3-day conference to address international topics.