She had the job that millions of girls dream of having. She had a life of fortune, fame, and lived in the spotlight. But after three years of being a Victoria's Secret Angel, Kylie Bisutti has decided to hang up her wings. She didn't do it because of a scandal or because of anything Victoria's Secret may or may not have done, she did it because it clashed with her Christian beliefs.

The California native beat out 10,000 hopefuls in 2009 to win the Victoria’s Secret Model Search. She was 19 and recently married at the time. But wearing the coveted angel wings and walking the runway with 'Angels' such as Adriana Lima and Miranda Kerr wasn’t quite what she had hoped for. She realized that her body should be for her husband, not for the world.

“I just became so convicted of honoring the Lord and my body and wanting to be a role model for other women out there who look up to me,” Bisutti said “I was growing in my relationship with the Lord and my faith.  I’m a strong believing Christian, it was more of just a heart issue for me."

Kylie says that she and her husband prayed about it and determined this was the best decision for her. Her decision to leave the lingerie company was also spurred on by an encounter with her 8-year-old cousin. She tells ABC news a story of when she was doing her make-up with her 8 year old cousin watching her. Her cousin looked at her and said , "You know, I think I want to stop eating so I can look like you."

“It just broke my heart because she looks up to me and I didn’t want to be that type of person that she thought she had to do that to be beautiful,” she said.  “Thousands of girls that think that being beautiful is an outer issue and really it’s a heart issue.”

Bisutti also tells ABC news that this is not the end of her modeling career. She has been blessed with the career she has, and will continue to pursue modeling, she just won't be modeling lingerie. She plans on doing modeling for companies with modest clothing that brings glory to the Lord.