A lot of things happen in our lives throughout the course of a year, there are those small things that happen throughout the day that could make an impact on our lives and not really remember them and then there are those big life changes that definitely make an impact upon us. Throughout 2013 Mike Needleman shot hundreds of minutes of videos to create a timeline of his life for one year. What resulted is amazing. Mike took one second from each days' video and compiled it into one video showing what happened in his life in one year in 365 seconds.

This awe inspiring video shows Mike and his band playing a ton of shows, being in church, having fun with friends and family and celebrating the birth of a child.

After watching this, it'll make you think about you and your life and what you do on a daily basis and what kind of things, big or small, you'll remember doing throughout the day and the year and how we should go about treating life and handle every day as precious and not just another day, because each of them are special.