You don't realize how often you use or need something until it's missing or unavailable. That happened to me this morning with water.

I went to take my shower and ... NO WATER! To make sure it wasn't the shower, I turned around and turned on the sink faucet, thinking maybe -- just maybe -- it worked there, but it didn't! Why would it?

To assure no one was pulling a prank on me or trying to punk me, I went outside at 6 a.m.  to see that no one had turned my water off or messed with the meter. I wasn't the only person in the neighborhood out at 6 a.m.; so was my neighbor (who was leaving for work) and he asked, "No water, too?"

Because I was out there in the yard with a flashlight looking at the water meter box,  I said, "Yes.  Looks like I've gotta brush my teeth at the station this morning!"

So, I could not take a shower, shave, brush my teeth, make my wife's morning cup of coffee or even get a drink of water out of the refrigerator door.  I felt  like Charlie Brown and wanted to scream "Ughhh!"  Inconvenient to say the least.

I don't know why the water in the neighborhood is turned off, but my guess is that the pumping station (wherever that is) must be without power because several parts of East Texas are without power this morning due to the high winds associated with the cold front that moved through overnight and must have cut power somewhere.

In any case, I have made it to work and brushed my teeth!  Hope your day didn't start out this way, too!