This is a great day!  I was checking facebook and saw that Heaton Eye Associates is having a contest where you send in a one minute video explaining "Why you need LASIK at Heaton Eye Associates."

I am like millions Americans wear either glasses or contacts to correct my vision. I am tired of either sticking myself in the eye with my contacts or looking through the frames of my glasses.  Imagine the freedom of being able to wake up and everything is clear or going to bed and being able to see the TV.  Bonus -- when at the pool you don't have to worry about washing out your contacts or being blind because you can't wear your glasses.

LASIK would change my life how about yours? After the jump I give you a quick one over about LASIK.

How does LASIK work?

The first part of the LASIK procedure is to create the small protective flap using the Ziemer laser. While your LASIK flap is being created, you will only feel mild pressure for about a minute per eye. Once the flap is created, in less than 60 seconds, ultraviolet light and high-energy pulses from the excimer laser reshapes the surface of the cornea by removing tissue with tremendous accuracy.

Once the laser treatment is complete, the doctor simply lays the flap back into position and allows sufficient time for healing. Within a few minutes, the corneal flap is secure enough to allow the patient to blink without disturbing it. At this time, patients notice a slight haze or fog to their vision. However, many are able to see objects more clearly than when they first walked into the procedure room.

Because of the cornea’s extraordinary natural bonding qualities, healing is rapid and does not require stitches. The entire procedure takes less than 20 minutes!  Step up and change your life -- you deserve it!  Click here to go to the Heaton Eye Associates facebaook page and submit your video