says the average person eats 4.8 restaurant meals each week, including dine in and take out.   That's 249 meals out each year!

Is it because restaurant food tastes better than home-cooked meals?  Is it because cooking is too much work and we're in a hurry?

About 1 out of 5 who took part in the survey said they consider themselves "fast food junkies."  Another 1 in 5 said they are "health nuts."  Restaurants have developed menus to satisfy both sets of taste buds, so all of these people are dining out on a regular basis.

Do you dine out that much?  I have to say, it's maybe once a week for my family.  But that doesn't mean we cook much either - unless you count chicken nuggets, mac n cheese, and yogurt as home-cooked meals.  Toddlers don't really like casseroles.

While America eats a lot of restaurant meals, we also sit around and watch the Food Network, and talk shows are full of cooking segments.  So perhaps cooking is a fantasy of ours, and we don't actually take action on it!  We just like to watch.

What's the most popular type of cuisine in America?

  • Italian food is the most popular cuisine in the country, followed by Mexican and Chinese.
  • Plenty of great choices in East Texas.  Enjoy!