Have you ever watched one of those weight loss shows and decided to cut the chips and candy bars from your diet the next day?

It's hard NOT to be inspired by the 50, 100, and 200 pound weight loss stories. After one year, Nyla lost 157 pounds on Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition. The stories have been just as powerful on The Biggest Loser, and casting is underway now if you want to be part of that show during the upcoming 14th season.

Who in East Texas is taking off the pounds?

The Tyler Morning Telegraph ran a story yesterday about the PE teacher at Hogg Middle School shedding extra weight. The article says Kyle Casey had reached the 250's and wanted to make a change, so he added more fresh produce to his diet and started focusing on working out and building muscle. Every pound of muscle burns 25 to 50 calories ya know! If you get toned enough, that can offset some guilty pleasures. Isn't that why we work out? So we can have the snacks? And to feel good about ourselves.

Inspired or not by the reality weight loss shows. many in Tyler are dropping the pounds, thanks to the Fit City Challenge.

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