We are constantly bombarded by signs. Signs that direct, signs that instruct, signs for safety and signs that confuse. I was recently in a back area of a hotel here in Tyler and saw the above sign on a door as I walked down the hallway. Seeing this on the door immediately made me wonder what was behind it. This particular door featured four different kind of locks on it. The one in the pic was a regular pad lock, then there was the door knob that had a key hole to it, a combination lock was attached to the door along with a slide lock too.

After seeing all of these locks on the door and wondering about it for a while, I came to the conclusion that I might not want to know what's behind the door because of all of the locks on it. Then I got to thinking, does one person have the combination and the keys to all of these locks or are they controlled by different people? These are just a couple of the random thoughts that run through my head when I see strange things like this!

What strange signs have you seen that make you go hum? Post them in the comment section below.