It had been a while since I'd been in Broadway Square Mall, and that's exactly where I found myself this past weekend with the family. In the middle of the mall there is a new Cinnabon and yes we had one, but that's not the point of this story though! While sitting there I noticed the multiple outlets by the couches on a post with a little blue led lit sign that showed the picture of a plug and then a lady just sat down and pulled out not one but two different cords to charge two different devices, her phone and a tablet. She then went to the Great American Cookie and got a drink and very trustingly left her phone and tablet there to charge. She returned to play on her phone while it was charging.

Seeing this and the very convenient outlet in the mall made me realize just how we're looking to get our next charge! I know some ladies complain how heavy their purses are and that they carry around enough crap, but now some are carrying a charger or two so they can plug in and never be without juice for their device.

Then yesterday after going to the dinosaur exhibit at the Oil Palace, my daughter and I stopped into Braum's on Troup Hwy. for a quick bite and a shake. While sitting there, I saw it again, but this time it was two different people doing two different things. First off, I saw a young kid, about 10 or 11, come in, sit down near the bathroom entrance and plug into the wall so he could play his Nintendo DS system. Just about the same time I saw a woman pull a charging cord out of her purse, handed it to her husband who stood up in the booth to reach the plug near the ceiling to charge the iPhone! He succeeded and it was quite the site seeing the iPhone dangle down the wall.

Seeing these events this weekend made me see just how far some people will go to get that next charge. For me, my phone gets charged at home when its close to dying.