It turns out, if you have Santa skills you can make big bucks during the holidays. Not all of us are cut out to perform the role of Santa at Broadway Square Mall for example, but if you have a slightly round belly, you're over the age of 45, and you're a guy, you can make a buck off the long lines and every parents' need for the perfect photo. Even if you're a skinny guy and you can pull off the deep "Ho, ho, ho" voice, you're on the fast track to making some holiday dough. says playing the role of Santa Claus is the #1 holiday job. Santa can make $100 per hour! Of course that depends on where you are and who hires you. What are the best and worst holiday jobs?

Although it's great to be Santa, you may not want to be an Elf. says being an Elf tops the "worst" list, since elves usually make minimum wage.

Ever wonder how much the Christmas tree lot attendants make? Not much, according to the website. Maybe minimum wage, but there is an opportunity there for tips.

When you place all those online orders, the guys bringing your loot have a pretty good gig. says parcel deliverers can make $18 an hour. The U.S. Post Office, FedEx and UPS all add extra workers at holiday time to deal with the extra volume.

Some seasonal jobs have a shot at becoming permanent if you play your cards right. That includes the retail positions.

Thanks to all you hard workers for making the holidays bright! The rest of us are taking notes....start gaining weight now for the Santa and Mrs. Claus gigs next year. Egg nog helps! Happy holidays.