Twice a month Lucky Larry and myself treat a Mix VIP, and seven co-workers, to lunch at Cork Food and Drink. Today Kimberly Friend was our guest from the Department of State Health Services in Tyler, and during lunch I learned a lot.

Kimberly Friend and Mandee Montana

One of Kim's co-workers, Shirley, takes her grand-daughter to school each morning while listening to the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show. She claims Mix 93-1 is her only choice, because 17-year old Skylar has changed all six presets to 93.1... Atta-girl, Skylar!

Shirley and Mandee Montana

I learned that Kim's office mate, Ian, is from South Africa and that he's experienced a drastic climate change in moving to Tyler. Kim's husband reminded him, "Just wait a while, it will change." He talked about how a lack of humidity in the South African climate will cause water from a water hose to evaporate almost immediate in hot temperatures. I realize this is simple science, but growing up in East Texas it is something I've never witnessed.

I also learned about public health and the work each of them do to help different aspects of our community. From dental exams and car seat safety to social work and preparing for medical disasters, the Department of State of Health Services takes care of our community through their work with schools and other community organizations like the North East Texas Public Health District.

Lunch was delicious and the company was outstanding, and I look forward to meeting our next VIP lunch winner in two weeks. If you haven't signed up yet, it's easy to become a VIP. Then use your points to qualify to win our next lunch at Cork and other great prizes!