Almost a month after giving birth, Adele refuses to release her son’s name—or did she even have a baby?Well yes, sources have confirmed that Adele finally found someone just like her—genetically that is.  Adele and boyfriend Simon Konecki welcomed the little butterball into the world this past October 19—and even though Adele hasn’t even confirmed that he exists, we all know it’s a boy.

The only problem is that no one knows his name. The even bigger problem, it seems, is that not even ADELE knows his name. Fans worldwide have been under the assumption that Miss Adele has not yet revealed the child’s name for his own (and her own) privacy, but according to close friend and British talk show host Alan Carr, this is not the case.  Rumor has it, the pop star just doesn’t know what to call the little tater-tot!

For now, Alan Carr has confirmed that Adele does have a baby, and that it is a boy, and that he is beautiful.  So we can assume that he has all ten fingers and toes, and no discernible super powers—unless you count the ability to hold a grudge … like his mum.

What do you think Adele should name her baby boy?