I stepped out the studio this afternoon and into the office and there it was, a fresh, unwrapped single Twinkie! I'm sure the grocery and convenience stores are running out of Twinkies and other Hostess products after the word spread that its maker, Hostess / Wonder Bread, was going out of business.

Jen Austin wrote about it this morning, but after thinking about it - a childhood memory of mine will be gone forever. I grew up eating Twinkies as they were my dessert in my school lunch nearly every day it seemed! If you love Twinkies don't worry because YouTube has come to the rescue. Thanks to Todd Wilbur he'll show you how to make your own Twinkies plus show you what a 10 year old Twinkie looks like, because the myth is that Twinkies last forever!

Live on Twinkies! Oh, thanks to the mystery co-worker who put the single Twinkie on my desk, it's now gone!