Have you planned your Trick-or-Treating attack yet?

Most families seem to take the kids in costume to houses in their own neighborhoods, but others have been known to drive well out of their way just to hunt down the best candy. Once the word starts to spread that a neighborhood passes out full-size Snickers, that's where the mini-vans head!

So where are the best spots to Trick-or-Treat? Strangely enough, everywhere BUT Texas. Isn't everything supposed to be bigger here? Apparently the Halloween candy is not.

The real estate website Zillow has released their list of the Top 20 best places to gather Halloween candy, and not one Texas city landed on the list. The places were ranked in terms of the abundance of candy, and the safety of the neighborhoods. So suddenly, Texas is known for spooky neighborhoods and one or two stray candy corns here and there. We know that's not true!

Zillow says the best places to trick-or-treat are San Francisco, Boston, and Honolulu. Ok! If we must, we'll pack up the family and fly to Hawaii to collect some tootsie rolls.

Where are the best East Texas places to Trick-or-Treat? I've found that my family has the most fun at the Trunk-or Treat events, usually at churches, where fifty or sixty people will decorate their cars and open up the trunk or the hatch, and pass out candy. You end up with a LOT of candy all at once, and the kids have a blast. Zillow must not be onto that genius Texas idea just yet.

Halloween is only two weeks away! Keep clickin' here for all the best Halloween East Texas Events.