In the land of radio, many random topics of discussion come up around the "water cooler". Conversations range through a myriad of topics. The majority of them are work oriented, and if they are not we can always find a way to turn them into work. A great example was this morning's discussion in the office that I share with Lucky Larry.

One of our top notch account executives was sharing a personal anecdote about food. His wife bakes delicious cake pops. In the course of conversation, he compared a cake pop from a chain coffee shop to a Little Debbie, and in turn asked the room, "What is you favorite Little Debbie snack cake?"



As a child I consumed on average one Little Debbie snack cake per day ... more if I could get away with it. Mom kept snack cakes in the pantry for my brother and I to enjoy as an after school snack. I loved the fudge brownies, swiss cakes rolls, etc. Now, I want to know what you like.