Kidd Kraddick in the Morning is giving you the chance to win up to $2000 each weekday with the latest contest Everybody Talks!

  • Listen weekdays at 7:20a and Kidd Kraddick will reveal a clue to the mystery person, place or thing. Plus there will be a bonus clue posted on Twitter.
  • At 7:40a a second clue will be revealed and three randomly selected entrants will be called.
  • The first contestant called will be asked to identify the person, place or thing on the first try.
  • If it's answered correctly, you'll win $1000 and then be asked a releated follow-up trivia question related to answer.
  • If the trivia question is answered correctly you'll win an additional $1000!
  • If contestant answers question 1 incorrectly, the next contestant called will have the chance to play.

To get signed up to play Everybody Talks, jump on over to now!

East Texan Derrick Edwards won $2000 playing Everybody Talks on Monday, May 13th!