Gas, groceries, insurance and utilites - that's where the majority of our money goes and then if you've got young kids you've gotta factor in daycare and all of their activities (and that's not cheap).  My wife and I did a quick check of our bank statement last month to see where the majority of our money goes and I was surprised!

Most of it went to eating out!  Sometimes it's hard to hang out in the kitchen and cook a descent meal and eat at the table when it's a lot easier to go out and grab a bite to eat - whether it's at a sit down restaurant or drive thru.  With busy schedules these days it's just easier.  After realizing that last month we've both made a conscience decision to eat at home more and bring left overs to work instead of drive thru-ing it!

I wish all restaurant receipts looked like the one in the picture!  What would you say you spend too much money on?