With $425 million staring you in the face it's tempting to go out and buy several Powerball Lottery tickets to see if you can win the big jackpot Wednesday night.  However, if you're like me, you'll probably hang on to that discretionary cash you have and use it on Christmas presents, so go ahead and do that and instead win those important lottery tickets from Mix 93-1!

You have a chance to win a Powerball lottery ticket for Wednesday's drawing (November 28th) that could win you $425 million or even more!  For that chance to win simply text the word - jackpot - to 89000 or you can enter to win a ticket online through your Mix VIP account.

Those winning a ticket will receive a ticket that has 5 lines of numbers on it, which could lead you to a lot of cash come Wednesday night!

And if you're going to go out and buy your own tickets, Mix 93-1's contributor, Nora Schreiber, has researched some to the most popular winning numbers you might want to consider when picking those very important 6 numbers!