Ladies, how often to you do a quick face-check in the mirror?  The gals here at the radio station often pull out compacts to check their appearance throughout the day, and we'll see women do it at restaurants, or at Broadway Square mall.

Even when it's one those days around the house with the kids, with the hair up in a pony tail and very little makeup and I don't much care how I look, I still take a quick glance at the bathroom mirror every time I walk by.

The mirror has some sort of gravitational pull that forces us to look at ourselves, doesn't it?  And then we get mad we looked because we wanted better results.  Some sort of pleasant, transformational surprise would be nice Mr. Mirror.

And it's not just mirrors we're looking at.  Women check their appearance ANY surface that shows their reflection.  Even if it's smudged, blurry, or it makes us look like funhouse cartoons, we're always checking.

Britain’s Daily Mail published a survey by Simple Skincare, and found that women look in the mirror an average of eight times a day with half saying they wouldn’t leave the house without some kind of mirror.  And one in ten admitted they check their compacts no less than ten times a day.

Now the funny part. Seventy-five percent say they hate it! And a quarter of women think all the checking has a bad impact on self-confidence. Yet we can't stop ourselves.

The same sort of gravitational pull exists in chocolate I think.